Top Performers Use Executive Coaching

Behind every world-class athlete is a dedicated and committed coach. The same can be said for many of the top performing leaders, executives, professionals, directors, managers, pastors and entrepreneurs. If you are serious about achieving and accomplishing greater results and embracing all you are capable of becoming you will want to experience the proven power of executive coaching.

Generally speaking, those who take advantage of executive coaching are success minded, goal directed and performance driven. They may have already experienced an impressive amount of professional success in their life, but desire to maximize their potential even further by creating greater balance, clearer focus and a fresh perspective.

Clearly, when executives and other professionals experience the benefits of coaching it often has a ripple effect throughout the organization, improving morale, retention, efficiency, and productivity.  According to a Manchester, Inc. survey of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, a company’s investment in coaching for its executives realized an average return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching!

The reasons for such significant performance improvement include reduced stress, more energy, establishment of clear professional goals, increased motivation, enhancement of leadership skills, improved conflict resolution skills, better team building, improved communication and greater management skills. All of these qualities work together to create top-quality performance in individual leaders, which, in turn, benefits the company as a whole.

If you have been looking for ways to get more traction in a specific area of your professional life, I encourage you to give yourself the advantage of working with an executive coach.

Live, Work & Relate Well!

Dr. Todd


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