I want to thank you very much for the training you provided our team and for sharing your wisdom and insight. The information you delivered concerning behavioral styles, communication and conflict resolution has made a big difference! We are heading in a good direction as a team and things are going very, very well. I appreciate the energy and effort you put into the presentation and we look forward to having you back!

- Scott Genzman, President – GR Financial Group

Thank you so much for speaking to our group. You were FANTASTIC!!! I received so many compliments about you and your presentation. You are the ultimate professional. Thank you!

- Mary Vierthaler – The Best in the Business

 “Your [presentation] delivery was positive and easy to receive, and I appreciated all the items we reviewed related to conflict resolution and improving interpersonal communication. People tend to forget these things when they are emotionally responding to a conflict. You gave us useful tools and relevant reminders. Thank you for meeting with us.”

- Susan Christiansen -Tierra Right of Way Services

 “I have attended numerous seminars over the years. Your seminar was by far the most informative and useful one I have ever attended. Thank you!”

- Virginia – Doubletree Hotel

“Keep up the good work! Your seminar was very enjoyable and inspiring. It was exactly what I needed!”

- Tucson, AZ

 “I hope that you can lead more workshops like the one today. Everyone needs to learn what you have to share on communication and conflict resolution. Thank you!”

- Albuquerque, NM

 “It was wonderful to have you as a guest speaker for our professional development seminar. Your material was entirely relevant to challenges we face daily. Your handouts were particularly appreciated. I so appreciate that you spent time answering specific situational questions (not just clarifying or restating your presentation). Everyone I followed up with would certainly attend another session with you and recommend them to colleagues as a very good use of their time.”

- Roberta L. Lockaby, Manager – IBM Systems and Technology Group

 “Thank you for all of your guidance and support. You have not only been able to open my mind to new ideas but most importantly have helped me to develop the skills to understand my own personality and the impact it has on others. I have not only found myself happier in my professional and home lives but have noticed significant improvement within my work teams.”

- David M. Morgan, General Manager – Omni Tucson National Resort

“I don’t want another day to go by without thanking you again for all the help you provided me in setting my goals and action plans for the New Year. The personal coaching you provided was exactly what I needed to get me motivated to pursue the things I have been putting off for a long time. Although it wasn’t always easy to hear the truth about my fears I know I couldn’t have dealt with them any other way. Thanks again for all your help and I hope many others will take the step I did to get their life back on track.”

- Cheryl Z.

“We hired Dr. Linaman as a coach and consultant to our investment group at a time when we were experiencing a great deal of stress and confusion. After talking to each team member and assessing our situation, he knew immediately how to help us and recommended a specific plan to address our needs. He taught us how to improve our interpersonal relationships in a professional and efficient manner by helping us understand one another’s personality styles.

From learning how to effectively conduct meetings to managing e-mail in a professional manner, he served as a great teacher and strong advisor. I can honestly say that our group is running smoothly and efficiently now that we have worked with Dr. Linaman for the last six months. We are grateful for the knowledge he shared with us about developing successful teams, and we plan to continue having him serve as a consultant to our executive board.”

- Marisol Kenman, President – Vida Investment Group

 “The value my management team received from Relational Advantage’s seminar, Understanding Behavioral Styles for Team Success, was exceptional. We realized immediate benefits, particularly with regard to better understanding each other’s communication styles and subsequent improvement in our team interactions and productivity. We especially appreciated Todd’s excellent facilitation of this fun and productive interactive experience.”

- Rod Robison, Vice President for Constituent Services – Family Life Communications

“I was extremely fortunate to ‘google’ and find Relational Advantage. The experience was different – teleconferences with someone I never met… how could this work? In between coaching sessions I read and used the coaching tips in real work experiences. What developed was a trust and an avenue for sorting through difficult experiences with a very positive approach. Did it work? My communication skills have improved 500%, but my outlook has improved 1000%. I can’t thank Dr. Linaman enough!”

- Beth – New York Times

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of the negotiations you supervised between two of our associates. Your ability to get them to go back into their relationship to recognize the value they once had to one another was key in assisting them in resolving their issues. Both [associates] had hired attorneys who charged significant sums of money for advice, but were unable to accomplish what both of them really wanted – resolution.

In the past I have always looked first to our franchise dispute resolution, or our trade association’s conflict resolution system or my attorney for advice, but your services will now be at the top of my list for assistance.”

- John Hamner, Owner – Remax Premier Realty

“I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very entertaining; it had very good principles and great practical ideas and suggestions for living life on purpose. Both the seminar content and Dr. Linaman were excellent!”

- San Luis Obispo, CA

 “Thank you for a most “inspiring” and “awesome” [marriage] conference. I want to also thank you for helping me understand that each of us can make a difference. It was a privilege being a part of this past weekend.”

- Albuquerque, NM

“The all-day [Communication in the Workplace] seminar was thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. Dr. Linaman is an outstanding presenter. I would definitely attend another Relational Advantage seminar.”

- Sandia National Laboratories – New Mexico

 “Dr. Linaman was the featured speaker at our annual Management retreat. His insight into the issues of life and making life-changing decisions was both refreshing and entertaining!”

- Ward Keller – President of Remuda Ranch

 “Please accept my sincere appreciation for your captivating presentation. It was clear to me that you resonated on many levels with each attendee. One of our managers was able to use one of your nuggets of wisdom on the same day as your presentation. As a result she was able to resolve a long-standing issue in one phone call! She couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

[In our business] we spend the largest percentage of our time on the “socio-political” side of the spectrum, where interpersonal skills and relationship building will make you or break you.

It has been very refreshing to meet someone like you, Dr. Linaman, someone who understands that dynamic so well and is willing to provide training to make us better at what we do. It was our great pleasure to have you as our featured speaker.”

- W. Grant Parker, PCAM/President

“I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me at a very dark time in my life. Your ability to listen and not pass judgment was tremendously helpful. You helped me to identify the negative beliefs I had about myself and my life in general and how they were influencing my emotions and outlook on the future. I now believe I can move forward with greater optimism and hope for the first time in many years. Thank you Dr. Linaman for all you do to help people who are stuck and in pain.”

- Jennifer V.

 “I want to thank you for your presentation, “Riding the Wave of Change”. Your talk was very enlightening and I am certain that your insights will be invaluable to our members and organization. Thank you for sharing your valuable insights.”

- Shannon Watson, New Mexico Mediation Assoc.


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