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What Difference Will Your Life Make?

The entertainment industry has been shaken recently with the well-publicized deaths of musician/actor David Bowie, Eagles’ founder Glenn Frey, and actor Alan Rickman, who played Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. Each one has had a major impact on popular culture through their individual art forms, but none of them lived past the 70-year mark. By today’s standards, that’s not very old. The death of a high-profile person is a reminder that no one is exempt – there is a day coming for each of us that will be our last, and that makes us think deeply about life. What is important? What difference will I make? What will I be remembered for?

Here are some principles to help you think about how your life can make a difference in this world:

Clarify your values – This is the foundation you will ultimately build your life upon. If you have never put into words the things you believe are worth living for and worth dying for, today can be a good...

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Character Counts at Work

It’s a classic scene from a movie: The crime boss orders a hit and the professional killer finds the target. He looks the victim in the eye and says, “Nothing personal. It’s just business.” I would argue that the situation is extremely personal for the guy that gets shot! It’s also deeply, personally affecting the ones who gave the order and the one who pulled the trigger. We cannot really separate what we do from who we are at the core, that is, our character.

So, assuming that you are not in such an extreme profession, it’s still important to remember that character counts on the job. Whether you’re president of a large organization or just starting out washing dishes at a restaurant, integrity, diligence and honesty are the keys to success and satisfaction at work.

It’s important to remember that character and integrity at work should not be based on external circumstances, but by inner convictions. Sometimes people tend to view a...

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Values: Why Passing on a Life Compass Matters

In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of values, especially related to how we can influence our children and other important people in our lives.  Today I want to get a little more specific about why having values and imparting them to others is so helpful and also suggest some practical ways you can do it.

First, here is a breakdown of the benefits: 

1.  Helps you make better decision

Life is a constant stream of decisions. Should you accept the new job offer?  Should you begin or end a relationship? Should you move your family to another state? These can be tough decisions that, in and of themselves, may not have a clear right or wrong answer, but considering what you value will help guide your choices.

2.  Identifies circumstances and people that do and don’t support your values

If you’re values-focused, you want to associate with people who will add to your life in positive ways.  As they say, it is better to soar with eagles...

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