Tips for Team Building Success Part I of 2

leadership personal growth professional development relationships work Oct 10, 2023
Successful Team Building

Whether you are responsible for one person or a whole team, there are several very important keys to managing people well. If you are a manager, review the tips below and assess how you’re doing and whether or not you can identify areas for improvement. 

If you work under a manager, rate him or her on each of the behaviors below. If appropriate, be willing to offer feedback on how you perceive their effectiveness in the critical areas listed. Be sure to include both positive and negative perceptions – and be prepared to offer reasonable suggestions for how they can help you and your team succeed together.

Today I am offering the first 5 of 10 tips for team building success.

1. Provide clear and specific direction – If people don’t know what’s expected of them, they won’t know what to do or whether they’re doing a good job. Ambiguity related to job responsibilities and priorities is often a significant source of stress and frustration and is known to decrease performance and productivity.

2. Offer ongoing feedback – If you want your team members to hit the target make sure they know where it is at all times and whether or not they are aiming at the bull’s eye.

3. Balance correction with affirmation – No employee is all good or all bad, so when correction is needed, be specific and don’t water it down. However, discussions of expected improvements are also opportunities to encourage them in what they are doing right. Balancing correction with affirmation will build your credibility and provide greater motivation for change.

4. Lead by example – Don’t ever expect attitudes or actions from your employees that you don’t consistently demonstrate yourself. Qualities like integrity, dedication, a strong work ethic and respect are more often “caught” than “taught” in the workplace.

5. Be willing to ask for and receive feedback – It takes courage to invite feedback, but it’s a lot less risky than to assume you know how you are doing. Keep your door and your mind open in order to improve your own performance and strengthen your leadership.

Begin processing and practicing the principles you’ve learned today and I will share the next 5 tips for teambuilding success next time.

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