Tips for Team Building Success Part 2 of 2

leadership management professional development relationships work Oct 24, 2023
Successful Team Building Tips

No man is an island, according to poet John Donne. While we strive as individuals to shoulder our responsibilities, solve our problems and achieve our goals, the fact remains that we are always interconnected with other people. In a workplace team environment, the success of each individual and the success of the team are inextricably intertwined. That’s why it is important to make an effort toward building a healthy team dynamic.

Last time I presented the first 5 of 10 tips for team building success, so we will look at the last 5 today. 

6. Involve your team in decision making whenever possible – Giving team members the opportunity to weigh in on important decisions helps to increase their sense of ownership, value and responsibility. Many companies have experienced great success and saved millions of dollars by listening to, and implementing, ideas from employees.

7. Keep your team well informed – A wise person once said, “What you are not up on you are down on.” Be willing to share relevant information in a timely and complete fashion, because employees kept in the dark will feel disconnected and become discontented.

8. Avoid favoritism – It is natural to experience a stronger connection with employees that share similar interests, personalities, backgrounds, etc., however, it is important to avoid showing partiality so as to reduce the potential for division, mistrust and resentment.

9. Recognize your eagles and keep them challenged – Every team has eagles – those employees who consistently soar above the rest. Be sure to acknowledge their effort and give them new opportunities that will maximize their potential and lead to greater responsibility. Remember, providing deserved recognition and opportunities for advancement are not acts of favoritism.

10. Always express appreciation for a job well done – It has been estimated that 46% of all employees quit their jobs because they feel a lack of appreciation from their employer or supervisor. Expressing sincere appreciation is a lot less expensive than the costs associated with turnover – and besides, it’s the right thing to do.

Working with other people will always be a “moving target” to some degree, but regular practice of the principles I have shared will greatly increase the likelihood of success for everyone on the team!

Live, Work and Relate Well!

Dr. Todd

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