Seven Promises of a Successful Marriage

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seven promises of marriage

A marriage is created by a promise made, but it can only thrive by a promise kept. If you want your marriage to thrive commit to keeping these seven promises of a successful marriage. 

1. The Promise of a Lifelong Commitment - Never give up and commit to a mindset that divorce is not an option. 

“Too many couples marry for better, or for worse, but not for good.”

“Love… always hopes and always perseveres.” 

An elderly couple who, as they were paying for groceries in the check-out line, were discussing their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, when the young cashier interjected by saying, "I can’t imagine being married to the same man for 50 years!" 

The wife wisely replied, teaching the young girl a lesson at the same time, "Well, Honey, don’t get married until you can."

2. The Promise of Protection – Guard your marriage from outside enemies such as addictions, financial problems, work/life imbalance, opposite-sex friendships, etc.

“Love… always protects…” 

Making your marriage a priority will keep other distractions from undermining your relationship. When making decisions, don’t just ask, “is this good for me?” Ask, “is it good for US?”

3. The Promise of Kindness - Demonstrate care and compassion every day.

“Love… is Kind.” 

Everyone feels upset or cranky at times, but if you respond kindly, small disagreements won’t become destructive fights.

4. The Promise of Honesty – Tell the truth, kindly.

“Love… rejoices with the truth.” 

When you follow the rule of honesty you promise to be transparent about your feelings, your personal history, your current activities and experiences, and your future plans. Being a truth teller prevents a secret life from developing and it fosters trust and security.

5. The Promise of Understanding – Make every attempt to see life through your spouse’s eyes.

“Love… is not easily angered.”

The view may not be as clear as through your own eyes, but it will often help to change your perspective for the better when you look beyond your own feelings. 

6. The Promise of Acceptance - Don’t try to change your spouse. Accept them for who they are – a unique creation.

“Love… is not self-seeking.”

Resist the temptation to place value judgments on your differences and make an effort to see the value in each other’s perspectives.

7. The Promise of Forgiveness - Don’t harbor bitterness. Be willing to forgive and let go of the past.

“Love… keeps no record of wrongs.”

Holding on to an offense leads to resentment, which can poison your relationship. Guard against it by forgiving.

By committing to these seven promises, you will reap the benefits of a lasting, satisfying marriage. If you or your spouse encounter a struggle with keeping these promises, consider meeting with a pastor or professional therapist before the small problems become larger.

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Dr. Todd

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