10 Resolutions for Building a Strong Family

Building and maintaining a strong and loving family in today's culture takes a determined will and a conscious and sustained effort on the part of every family member. With so many things competing for our time and attention it is easy to lose sight of the value and significance of the close, loving relationships our families can provide. 

It's often been said that when a person comes to the end of their life they realize that the only things that really matter are the loving relationships that were established and cultivated throughout the years - especially those with family. 

If you want to build a firm foundation of love and support for your family that will stand the test of time and weather the storms of difficult life circumstances, we encourage you to embrace these ten resolutions for building a strong family. 

As a family, we commit to...

  1. Live our lives according to what we value and believe - 
    even when it isn't popular!
  2. Respond to each other with kind words and actions - 
    even when we have been hurt or are angry!
  3. Love each family member for who God created them to be - even when we don't understand our differences!
  4. Understand each other before trying to be understood - 
    even when we believe we are right!
  5. Make our home a place where everyone wants to be - 
    even when we know it still won't be perfect!
  6. Say "I love you" to each other every day - 
    even when we don't always feel like it!
  7. Admit when we are wrong and be quick to apologize - 
    even when saying "I'm sorry" is difficult!
  8. Spend time together having fun - 
    even when there is work to be done!
  9. Never give up on each other - 
    even when the circumstances appear hopeless!
  10. Forgive each other when we have been hurt or offended - 
    even when it is not asked for!

As we enter the year 2020, we want to have the clearest vision for every part of our lives – especially our families! If possible, spend some time together talking about these resolutions and what they will look like in your own family situation. Talk about obstacles that are hindering these resolutions and get everyone’s input on how to overcome them. Sometimes we just need a little help with starting the conversation.

Happy New Year!

Live, Work & Relate Well!

Dr. Todd


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