Some Things Never Change

The world, our nation, and our way of living have gone through some incredible changes in the past couple of years that have been difficult and life altering. Fortunately, regarding many of the changes, you can keep the adage in mind, “this too shall pass.”  

We all need to come to terms with changes that are out of our control and make some adjustments to maintain peace of mind in the present day, but to do that, it can be extremely helpful to focus on some timeless truths that can help keep us steady in an ever-changing, aggravating, and uncertain world. 

Take a few minutes to consider these things: 

Character counts. The longer I live, the more I understand that qualities like honesty and integrity usually win over situational ethics and looking out for number one. A “win” may not look the same for everybody, but even if you don’t land the account, get the job, or receive the recognition, you’ll sleep better at night if you consistently do the right things for the right reasons. 

Kindness is always appropriate. We all have times we have to deliver unwelcome news, confront a tricky situation, or offer constructive feedback, but there is no need for mean-spirited, cutting remarks and intentionally harmful actions. There’s a saying, “Keep your words sweet, because some day you may have to eat them.” 

Generosity will always make you feel better than stinginess. It will always be more blessed to give than receive. Doing something helpful for someone who is unable to repay you will stimulate “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Holding back from others, begrudging what someone else has or selfishly refusing to share good things you have can leave you feeling very alone and unfulfilled. 

You are irreplaceable. Your loved ones would rather have YOU than stuff you can buy them. Of course, you want to do work that gives you satisfaction and provides for your family’s needs, but it’s just not worth it to sacrifice your body and soul – or all your time – to that pursuit. Make it a priority to balance your time and energy so you can give yourself to the most important needs. 

Time waits for no one. If you have a dream, start today doing something to make it happen. Don’t put off vacations, time with your family, or educational pursuits too long. It’s too easy to suddenly find yourself too old, too sick, or too busy to do what you always wanted to do. 

Your spiritual life is the key to living your best life. Faith in God will give you perspective that supersedes the day-to-day changes and challenges. Trusting in a higher power who doesn’t change will give you a solid foundation for your decisions and concerns. Your family needs stability during the changes, and I am convinced that God is the one who can provide that. If you are affiliated with a church, make sure you go with your kids. 

Life will always involve changes, so hold on to the things that don’t change. Practice them in your life, and you will experience more peace and stability in these uncertain and unpredictable times. 

Live, Work and Relate Well, 

Dr. Todd


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