Is Truthfulness Overrated?

personal growth professional development relationships May 12, 2015

Is truthfulness a character trait that is way overrated? Has it gone out of style? If you believe much of what you hear in the media you might conclude that it is.

It would seem that many people today believe that as long as they get what they want out of life it isn’t important how they get it – even if it involves lying, stealing or cheating. I believe that the serious decline of the American spirit is due, in large part, to a pervasive loss of honesty and truthfulness.

Who can we trust today to tell the truth? According to a Roper poll, people believe that clergy tell the truth 49% of the time, doctors, 48% of the time, best friends, 26% of the time and the President of the United States only 8% of the time. These are disturbing and discouraging statistics aren’t they?

The question for you is can you be trusted to tell the truth? No matter what the polls say, no matter what the media says is normal or acceptable, there is no excuse for deceit when you consider that it will destroy the foundation of any relationship.

Truthfulness is not overrated – in fact it’s a rare and precious commodity in our world of relativism – and those who possess it will bring a tremendous strength and gift to their relationships!

Live, Work and Relate Well!

Dr. Todd

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