A Different Kind of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day might be very different this year. It is usually the busiest day of the year at restaurants, but this year most of us will have to find another way to celebrate the moms in our lives. 

This year, you may not be out shopping for cards and gifts, so what can you do to make Mom feel special and appreciated? 

Moms who are at home, still raising their families, will appreciate the gift of thoughtfulness. This could be a little “time off” when the family brings her breakfast in bed or gives her time to take an uninterrupted nap. It could be hand-drawn cards that express what each child loves and appreciates about their mom. How about a paper crown, elaborately decorated with available craft supplies to make her feel like a queen? You can have fun brainstorming ideas, and Mom is going to love that you took the time to think about her! 

If your mom is living alone, either independently or in a senior community, you may not be able to physically see her. The most important gift you can give is taking the time to call. Or simply sending a card with a sincere note of gratitude to the woman who raised you can be a treasure she will enjoy for a long time. 

I know that Mother’s Day can be difficult for people who have lost their mothers or had a poor relationship, but in this season of isolation and worry for some people, we all have the opportunity to rethink our priorities and reach out in new ways. If your mom is gone, reach out to a woman who has been a positive influence in your life. If you have a negative relationship with your mom, think about whether this might be a good time to reconnect. 

Mothers are the heart of the home – some loving and some broken – but let’s take advantage of these unusual days to make this Mother’s Day special for the moms in your life! 

Live, Work and Relate Well! 

Dr. Todd


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