Bright Spots: A Simple Way to Navigate Challenges

We all encounter challenges of one size or another on a daily basis. Many are somewhat insignificant while others can seem confusing, dark and insurmountable.

Regardless of how big your challenge may be today, here’s one practical strategy that can increase your chances of successfully navigating it: Simply take a few moments to reflect back on a time when you faced a similar challenge and overcame it successfully. Those times are what I refer to as “bright spots”.

Perhaps it was a time when you weren’t getting along with your children or spouse. Maybe it was a time you managed to get through a financial crisis or physical illness. Think for a moment about the things you did or thought about that helped to make the former challenge a bright spot in your life. Was it at a time when your faith was stronger? Was it when you made a more consistent effort to stay connected to friends? Perhaps you were in better physical condition due to regular exercise and a healthy diet. Whatever the positive factors may have been in place at the time, take a few moments to examine whether or not those same factors exist in your life today.

Reflecting on bright spots from your past is effective because you can work on replicating them. Ask yourself if the things that helped you develop bright spots in your past are present today, and if not, why not. Revisiting bright spots will help to remind you what it takes to solve or face your challenges successfully and give you good reason to be hopeful and optimistic about shining moments ahead!

Live, Work and Relate Well!

Dr. Todd


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